I'm Maria and I'm currently a digital content editor for luxury retailer Childrensalon.com. Always in search for unusual clothing, I decided to dedicate a blog to my findings, as well as writing about my other passions (films, hair dye and beauty!)

I've been a blogger for around six years and after flitting from one domain to the other as well as becoming a freelance writer, I have settled here at What the Faux Pas. 

I love connecting and chatting to people so if you have any questions/queries or just want to give some feedback, don't hesitate to leave me a message. 

My email is mn2202012@gmail.com (a bit robotic I know!) 

You can follow my celebrity blog 'TOO SASSY FOR YOU'  here

Alternatively you can reach me/follow me on my social media channels: 

My blog is super PR friendly so get in contact if you would like me to review any kind of product, I'm really open and love being able to spread the word about different bands.