Sunday, 27 December 2015

Inspo: Panatone's Official Colours of 2016

A true authority in colour, US based Pantone are a commanding force for the shades of the year to come with 2016 taking an altogether softer approach. With a baby blue Serenity and a powder pink Rose Quartz predicted as the hues of the year, draw inspiration from the most dominant pastels in fashion. Crisp spring days lend themselves to bubblegum pink duster coats, faux fur linings and powder blue tights while the warmer whether calls for pastel chiffon dresses. Accessorise blush tones with periwinkle and bring the colours into the home with decadent chandeliers and quirky prints.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Film Friday: Star Wars :The Force Awakens

It's here, it's really here! JJ Abrams we bow down to you; for creating an epic, visually awe-inspiring world which seamlessly connected itself to Return of the Jedi in 1983. It's rare for me to not feel the time pass in a film, but the force must have been strong with this one as I spent the whole two hours 16 minutes glued to the screen.  Re-awakening everyone's childhood, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reprise their roles in a reminiscent rollercoaster of action-packed proportions.

 A slice of raw new talent came in the form of Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, the former playing Rey a tough scavenger on the planet Jakku- not dissimilar to the desolate environment of Tattoine on the galaxy's Outer Rim. Boyega takes on the role of Finn, a former storm trooper who befriends Rey and embarks on an adventure with her, Han Solo and our favourite furry mammal Chewbacca. Peppered with references to the previous installments will keep die hard fans keen while new adventures and characters seem just as charming- from the cutesy BB8 droid to the unpredictable villain Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), this movie seemed just a taster for adventure is to come.

JJ Abrams refreshing take took the franchise into a modern realm of (dare I say it) feminist proportions. Daisy Ridley had previously said she hopes her character Rey will inspire strength in younger girls and I think she achieved that. Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) exuded equality in a gender-neutral suit while Leia dropped her princess status in favour of becoming a General.

I give the movie: 

Until the next installment comes around, I was left with a number of questions:
Who are Rey's family? (I love her) Will there be a romance between her and Fin? (I hope so) and who is the evil hologram? (omg E.T is that you)

Saturday, 5 December 2015

My Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of year again! Letters to Santa are well under way and I thought I would share my wishlist with you.

Eyelet Jumper: Topshop// Rose Gold Disney Watch: ASOS// I Can and I Will Tee: Valfre// Patent Pointed Boots: New Look// Glass Terrarium: Etsy// Winter Scene Skirt: Topshop// Diamante Eye Pom Pom: New Look// Liquid Sarcasm Bag: Skinny Dip London//

This year I'm really digging a cosy knit, and when I saw this grunge-studded jumper in Topshop I fell in love. I'm not usually a fan of the store, but their stock has been particularly impressive lately, it's just a shame about their prices (wah). I'm being biased here but New Look's pieces are amazinggg at the moment and their pointed patent boots are bang on trend, not to mention their cute accessories- i'm loving their pom pom keyrings. For those sassy gifts, I included Valfre, a store that's always creating originally illustrated clothing and prints that exude feminism. Skinny Dip London also have cool and innovative designs, I'm definitely a fan of their 'liquid sarcasm' cross body bag. Disney's rose gold watch appeals to the inner child in me and i've always loved cacti and succulents so a cute place to keep them in would be awesome.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Guide to Disneyland Paris: How to Make the Most of Your Visit

So you're thinking about booking that magical trip to Disneyland Paris, but need some advice on travel, rides, where to stay and what to eat? Then look no further! 

Disneyland 101
In a nutshell, Disneyland Paris is comprised of two parks (Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios) along with the Disney Village, a place to shop, drink and grab a bite to eat and with a number of Disney themed hotels that surround the area. If you are looking to be in the centre of the action (and money is no limit) The Disney Hotel is ideal, situated within Disneyland itself. A lake just outside the Disney Village is home to Hotel New York, Newport Bay Club and Sequoia Lodge (less than 10 minute walk to the gate) with Hotel Cheyenne, Hotel Sante Fe and the Davy Crochett Ranch located behind them. 

Before You Book 

Times of the Year to Go
It's simple. If you want to go at a time that's relatively quiet, avoid any holidays. Christmas (which is celebrated from November until February each year) is particularly busy, as well as Halloween (October 1st-November 1st). From past experience, good times to go are March, May and September. 

Consider Booking Everything Separately
Although the Disneyland Paris website often has offers for package deals, large companies like First Choice, Last Minute and Expedia do offer various options. Park ticket deals vary for different events/attractions, and if you have children, consider buying a hopper ticket (just in case you want to  change parks)

For those of you with children, the best and most direct route is via Eurostar train, which runs direct from Ashford and London to the parks. If you are flying from Charles De Gaulle, you can catch the VEA Navette (a shuttle bus service that leaves every 15 mins), or an RER train, a faster route to the parks that takes you to Marne la Vallee/Chessy station, just 100 yards from the entrance of Disneyland. Driving is fairly straight forward too, with Eurotunnel and ferry options to Calais, with a large shopping centre in the Frencch town, the perfect place to stop if you've forgotten any provisionals! If you have children and are travelling by car or train, bear in mind bringing extra snacks for the days ahead- food in the parks can be expensive and packed lunches are always exciting!

On a Budget? 
Val d'Europe, a town just outside where the park is situated (a 10 minute train ride) might be a good option for those looking to save on accommodation. It's also recommended for those looking to spend a little time in the city too!

Thinking Ahead

Go Half Board 
Half board/full board/meal plans are the best way of saving money when it comes to saving time and money in and outside the parks. Half board is particularly good, as from just £22 per person (based on 3 days 2 nights) you can enjoy from 7 restaurants (standard package) to 24 restaurants (premium package) which includes buffets, dinner shows, drinks and character dining, with tea time treats (a drink and a biscuit) all free. 

Book Dinner
Whether  you decide to invest in a meal plan or not, booking dinner is pretty much essential if you want to eat in one of the park's many restaurants. Choose which restaurant you like the sound of first, and pop in late morning/early afternoon to make your reservation (people often book days in advance!) Within Disneyland, the best places to eat are the Blue Lagoon (within Pirates of the Caribbean) and Silver Spur Steakhouse (in Frontierland) with Casey's Corner the best place to grab an American style hotdog, and a hot chocolate to warm your cockles in the winter! 

Plan the Rides You Want to Go On
I know this sounds boring, and like it might take the spontaneity out of the day, but planning the rides you want to go on can really make a difference to how much you see and do- plus it's exciting to talk about! If you are in a big group, decide who you want to go with on a certain ride, or if you are keen on a busier ride, make plans to visit it first/last. 

Buy Those Costumes Early
When it comes to adding the finishing touches to your day of Disney magic, you may feel left out when you see everyone else walking around with those signature mouse ears. With a rack filled with Elsa dresses on every corner, your child may also feel left out, resulting in an over-priced costume being purchased. Think ahead and buy your costumes in advance- they are far more reasonable online- purchasing custom mouse ears are also a new trend, especially on Instagram. 

Want to Meet the Characters?
Historically the best way to come face to face with Mickey himself isn't during a visit to Disneyland. Character appearances are often a queue-worthy event and attract hoards of people. To avoid disappointment, book a character breakfast at Cafe Mickey (in the Disney Village) or print out a meeting locations and times sheet- you can find one here>

During Your Visit 

Take Your Breakfast With You
This may sounds rather strange, but with a buffet of food to come down to in the morning (if you are staying in one of the Disney hotels) it's definitely worth wrapping a few croissants or pieces of fruit into napkins. Especially for those on a budget (or prone to chronic hunger *ahem*ME) bringing a snack or even a picnic is a good idea to avoid the steep snack costs. 

Ride Waiting Times
As you stroll down Mainstreet USA and take in the sights of Sleeping Beauty's spectacular castle, you will see a waiting times board on your right. This is the key to having an amazing day at Disneyland! Here's where your previous ride planning comes in handy- choose the rides with the least waiting times and head there first, getting a fast pass for the rides that have a harsher wait time. Most popular rides in Disneyland are typically: 
Peter Pan's Flight (Fantasyland) 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (Fantasyland)
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (Tommorrowland)
Big Thunder Mountain (Frontierland)

Recommended Rides to Visit First: 
Star Tours (Tomorrowland)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Adventureland)
Space Mountain (Tomorrowland)
Phantom Manor (Frontierland)
It's a Small World (Fantasyland)

Use Your Fast Pass
A 'fast pass' ability is built into your park ticket and is pretty much essential if you are visiting at a particularly busy time. How it works: Next to the entrance of each ride (that is deemed eligable for fast pass) there will be a number of machines. Insert your park ticket (or scan the barcode on your paper ticket) and the machine will print you a fast pass ticket. On it will reveal a time slot for you to return to the ride where you can enter a separate queue. The fast pass is ideal as the time slots are usually an hour after printing, giving you time to fit in another ride! Remember: You can only print out one fast pass at a time, so if you get a pass for Space Mountain at 12:00-12:30, you can only get your next fast pass after 12:30- you must simply wait for your previous fast pass to expire. 

Go on the Rides During the Parades
You may love Disney parades, but chances are you will catch more than 2/3 of the same show each day! If you are indifferent to them, they can be the best opportunity to go on rides- as people congregate near Main Street USA, the wait time for rides go down. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

ASOS x Wall's: The Sweetest Collaboration to Date!

Get the scoop...

What do you get when you combine everyone's favourite online retail store, with the coolest snacks this summer? A tongue-waggingly sassy collection of pieces inspired by nostalgic ice creams we know and love.

Wall's have leant their Starships, Twisters and Strawberry Splits to delectably printed co-ords, sweet statement socks and summer-ready pumps.

For that special occasion, sparkle and shine in their richly embellished shirt and dress, all covered in thousands of glittering sequins, or for a slice of festival fun, their lolly print unitard is too vibrant to resist.

I don't know about you, but I have my eye on that shirt! Shop here >

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Top Ten Trends for Autumn/Winter 2015

Although the summer weather is only just approaching, for the fashion world, Autumn/Winter is well under way. Here is your mini guide to the trends you'll see this coming Autmn/Winter 2015.

Fun Fur 

Last year, the faux fur coat was massive- expect it to make an even wilder comeback for AW15 as Louis Vuitton's yeti creations and Stella McCartney's leopard print prowled the catwalk. Thick, over-sized and effortlessly chic, update your winter coat with something more fashionably fuzzy.

Modern Layering

The conventional teaming of a cardigan and tee won't work this season as a new, more exciting layering rears it's head this season. Re-think your wardrobe, clash a bright teal polo neck with a camel coat, grab your favourite slip dress and pair it with a band t-shirt. Hermes and DKNY demonstrated this perfectly.

Victoriana Lace

Adding a touch of elegance this fall, many designers decided to emulate the grandeur of an era steeped in romantic clothing. High, ruffled collars, delicate lace and ankle-skimming skirts were all seen on the catwalks from Givenchy to Victoria Beckham.

70's Psychedelia 

Beginning in Spring/Summer 2015 with paisley prints, crochet tops, fabulous flairs and elasticated tops, the 70's trend seeps into fall with rich reds, fringed accessories and big hair- expect to see pieces by designers like Burberry, Anna Sui and Jonathon Saunders.

All About the 80's

Return to retro this AW15 with a high fashion selection of flamboyant, fearless and unforgiving creations. Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton adopted that same attitude of 'glam good times' with sparkling cocktail dresses and puffed shoulders.


Complimenting the ever-popular 70's trend, patchworking comes into it's own this season, with the likes of Chloé, Valentino and Moschino all giving their take on patching things up.

Eastern Influence

Just like this year's Met Gala theme, we are looking to the East next season- from dragons on silk and unlimited gold, the oriental-inspired influences shone through with Tom Ford, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino all embracing the trend.

Winter Brights

Winter might be a little darker, but it needn't be duller as designers like Dior, Saint Laurent and Gucci demonstrated. Be bold with clashing hues and pops of primary colour this AW15!

The White Blouse

There really is something idyllic about the white blouse. On the surface, it's refined, simple and easily teamable. Yet look beyond that and you will see a classic top filled with endless charm. Dior, Chanel and Michael Kors all embraced the crisp white piece.

Wes Anderson 

Gucci embraced geek chic this season with Margot Tenenbaum, one of legendary director Wes Anderson's most prim characters. Berets, glasses, twee tweed and cute pussy bows all gave a delicate nod to the ultimate good girl.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Lazy Oaf x Shaun the Sheep

Lazy Oaf has to be my favourite label in terms of design- they always bring a cheeky retro feel to their fashion season after soon. The London-based label is utterly charming, with their pink shirt dress being one of my favourite pieces. 

I teamed this with some cute 90's style flatforms from MeeMee, a gold chain with keys from H&M, and an adorable Shaun the Sheep bag!

Do you have any pieces from Lazy Oaf? 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Mid-Season Style: The T-Shirt Dress

As mid-season rears it's confusing head, we can often get painstakingly stuck between our summer and winter wardrobe. It's too cold to bare those pins, but it's just warm enough to put the faux fur away for another season... cue the t-shirt dress! A hero piece for mid-season, the staple that drives you towards summer.

Halfway between a slouchy tee and a multi-functional jersey dress, the t-shirt dress is perfect for spring days. For a more adventurous option to the sporting tee, The Ragged Priest's sheer midi top is perfect. In powder pink, the fabulously feminine top is complemented by My Little Pony socks and mint green sandals for a nostalgic nod to '90s chic. Return to retro with a mesh backpack and finish a look by accessorising with a layered choker.

Mesh drawstring bag: Topshop // Mini moon double choker chain: Shopmoonchild //Lexi round sunglasses: Topshop // Caught up mint sandals: La Moda // My Little Pony ankle socks: ASOS // Rain on me sheer midi t-shirt: The Ragged Priest // Circle dream catcher: Shopmoonchild 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Weirdest Beauty Transformations of AW15

The fashion weeks might be over, but the Autumn/Winter shows of the past month have left a dent in the beauty world (and in my mind!) Let's take a look back at the most extreme transformations the catwalk adopted. 

Givenchy's Pierced Beauties

Embellishments took over the runway at Givenchy show, but not on the designer's pieces. Enlarged bejewelled septums, pearl drop cheek studs and oversized earrings hung on the model's faces as a la FKA Twigs, baby hairs were gelled into cutesy swirls. 

Comme des Garçons' Webbed Hair

Dark, haunting, yet beautifully intricate, Comme des Garçons' models donned web-like hair, placed in a veil-like manner, as if in mourning. Emphasising the beauty in grief, Julien d'ys' styles blew me away. 

Ammerman Schlösberg's Bleeders 

Escape to the 'furry hospital', where half dead girls drip blood from their eyes, bruised and ravaged. At the height of macabre, make-up artist Mark Carrasquillo succeeded in his mission to horrify. 

Rick Owen's Midas Models
Gold coated model's faces throughout Rick Owen's show, a sacred symbol of the Mayan civilisation. Far from regal, the crumbling metallic faces oozed decay rather than a glorified nation. 

Clowning Around at Maison Margiela
Immerse yourself in theatrical world of Maison Margiela, a circus filled with hunched girls, deranged and doll-like. Despite the bright colours, lips looked swollen and eyes almost dead. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Moschino's Looney Tunes- Inspired AW15 Collection

Filled to the brim with kooky yet relatable style, Moschino's AW15 collection has all the sass that their previous McDonald's and Barbie creations had. Under fashion legend Jeremy Scott, the pieces fused high fashion with street chic resulting in coveted designs that are undeniably Moschino.

Pop of Primary
Kicking off the show, pops of primary colour cover thick, padded puffer jackets, quilted two-pieces and bucket hats, all trimmed with the iconic logo.  

Looney Tunes
Bringing popular culture into the mix once again, Moschino take your favourite cartoon crazies and stamp them on over-sized sweaters with a hip-hop twist. From Bugs Bunny to Tweetie Pie, the Looney Tunes theme is prominant throughout the collection, printed on leather jackets, oversized accessories and on baseball-esque pieces for a touch of sports luxe. 

Decorated Denim
Hyper-real Americana meets classic denim with their collection of pieces that seem to draw inspiration from '80s hip hop. Punchy patches of gold mingle with wash-out denim, chain prints are mingled with chunky acessories as pockets are turned inside out and shirts made into skirts. 

Urban Jungle
Exquisite prom dresses are given an urban edge as floor-length gowns are sprayed with graffitti prints, complete with spray can clutch bags for true, street chic. 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Little Box Review January 2015

I've always been slightly skeptical about monthly box subscriptions, but when I began receiving 'My Little Box', I thought I had finally found one to prove me wrong.

Alas, after three months I have found myself cancelling my subscription after a number of disappointments. December's box was extremely underwhelming- gift wrapping was displayed with rather dull gift tags, all tied together with sub-standard string and advice on a present for a friend was 'a ____ months supply of My Little Boxes' *yawn*.

January's box seemed the strongest to me (at the time). I received the 'energy' themed package and despite it's lack of originality, I was pleased with it's contents.

Fitting in with the 'new year, new you' theme, the box came with a cute calendar, a motivational poster, a gym bag and several beauty products.

Although I packed the calendar straight in my bag to pin up with work, I was more excited about using the gym bag for weekends away (as oppose to exercise). Bunging some of my clothes in my shiny new bag, I set off on the train but to my dismay, the zip broke only half an hour into me having used it. Considering there were only light clothes and I did not force the zip, I was very disappointed.

The beauty products slightly uplifted the aura of the box, with rich red Nailsinc polish, as well as Talika's photo-hydra day cream- pleasant smelling, if a little greasy. The highlight of the products was My Little Beauty's energising mist, supposedly meant to  refresh the face- it might have felt more like I was spraying Febreze in my face, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

What did you think of this month's box? Do you have any other boxes you can recommend? 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Meet the Older Ladies Taking the Fashion World By Storm

As much as I admire the fashion industry and the young women who graft their way to the top of the modelling world, something saddens me about the shelf-life of women in the limelight. By the age of 50 they seem almost sidelined, as the media conveyor belt churns in a younger, fresher face for a worldwide campaign. 

What a welcoming relief I felt at the emergence of experience-laden, quirk-filled fashionistas, who are now taking the style world by storm, 65-year old Twiggy, who just bagged a contract for L'Oreal, at the forefront. 

Let's meet the campaign Queens who prove they've still got it: 

Joan Didion

Author, writer and essayist Joan Didion became the face of a Celiné campaign. The 80 year-old wore a simple black top with a statement necklace and sunglasses. A documentary is also planned on the life and works of Didion, told in her own words. 

Iris Apfel

Embodying all I imagine in a fashionista, Iris Apfel was picked to design and model her own range for MAC cosmetics in 2011 (at the age of 90). She definitely defies that patronising sentence "Too old for that". 

Catherine Deneuve

For Marc Jacobs' final campaign as creative director at Louis Vuitton, he decided to pick French actress Catherine Deneuve (71) to star alongside a number of women including model Gisele Bündchen- she seemed to outshine them all. 

Dolce & Gabbana's Three Ladies

Always keen to stick to their Italian roots, Dolce & Gabbana's latest campaign depicts elements of a Sicilian family- these three women with rich, embellished tiaras and bejewelled clutches are my favourite (This is my desktop background!)

                        Jacky O'Shaughnessy

American Apparel has attempted to provoke in a recent campaign which featured 62 year-old Jacky O'Shaughnessy, the face of their underwear line. In a lace bandeau bar and knickers, O'Shaughnessy was featured next to the quote "Sexy has no expiration date. Jacky in Floral Lace Lingerie."


The world's most successful haircare company couldn't wait to sign up Twiggy, who has been a model since 1965. Thrilled to have become their ambassador, the company said of her: "What is there not to love about Twiggy - she has always inspired women to look and feel their best." 

L'Oreal Paris has also seen a boost in sales since having actress Helen Mirren (69) as the face of their brand, as they hope to base their ethos around ageing, as oppose to pushing the prevention of it. 

Source: The Telegraph. 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Galactic Glamour: Valentino's Space-Inspired Pre-Fall 15 Collection

As pre-fall collections go, Valentino has stunned, reaching new heights to create true galactic glamour. Under the genius of designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the collection felt crisp, but the varied prints maintained their chaotic charm.  

Shapely cosmic capes made way for constellation print midi skirts and intergalactic mini's are teamed with knee-high boots in a 70's style return to retro- very much in-keeping with the trend soon to grace the catwalk this coming season.

Oozing couture, Valentino's twinkling gowns boast elliptical galaxies on layers of thick tulle. Maxis flaunt macrocosms and with the label being known for their heavy embroidery and embellishments, this theme seemed to suit them perfectly. 

Adopting the earth's atmospheric hues of midnight blue and late night noire, the collection displayed the perfect mix of wearable style with couture touches. We salute you, Valentino.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Spring Wishlist

It might still be winter but I just want to jump into spring fashion after looking at what is on offer. From crazy paisley dresses, sassy slogan tees and exotic fruit print fancies, I can't wait to embrace the sunshine and the new season clothes that come with it. 

Spring is a transitional season for clothes, as the furs get packed away and the lighter trenches, cropped jackets and the dust coats are awakened from their wintry slumber. My spring wishlist incorporates streaks of winter trends- cleated heels and ripped mom jeans- and fuses it with new season shades- Grafea's crisp ivory backpack and Moschino's rose gold wristwatch step into spring, while River Island's lime ribbed top that says "I'M HERE". 

Top: River Island // Jeans: Topshop // Boots: La Moda // Grafea backpack: ASOS // 
Moschino watch : ASOS