Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Back to Black

Halter leotard: Buytshirtsonline// Bomber jacket: H&M // Trousers: River Island// Cleated Heels: La Moda

Slimming and highly versatile, leotards really are the go-to piece this season. Underneath printed bombers for a casual look, or haphazardly layered beneath jumpers, they provide endless styling options. I got this low slung American Apparel leotard from Buytshirtsonline and teamed it with ripped River Island jeans, a H&M bomber jacket and cappuccino-hued cleated heels

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Faux Pas Christmas Wishlist

The festive season is well and truly here and it's time to write those letters to Santa!

Although I'm not overly excited when it comes to writing about reams of products I want for Christmas, there are a few pieces I'm coveting this season.

Pilgrim tee, Teds Draws// Milkshake clutch, New Look//Pom pom earrings, Vida Kush // Kick Push platforms, La Moda // Mint to be lipstick, Limecrime// Slip dress, Motel 

Ted's Draws is a small online boutique that I fell in love with a little while ago, with illustrated caricature tees seen on the likes of model Jourdan Dunn and singer Jessie Ware. I'm a massive fan of his Wednesday Addams top, £25 online. 

No girl can ever have too many clutches and New Look's recent batch of culinary inspired bags caught my eye, my favourite being this milkshake themed one. With a zip to the top of the piece and a metallic finish, it's hard to resist. Timberland's and their counterparts have been trickling onto the high street and my favourite boutique La Moda has these swaggerific platform boots. The thick sole and honey-toned hue make them the perfect shoe for a shortie like me.

As accessories go, I'm always slightly disappointed by how similar high street pieces look, however Vida Kush always gets me excited. These pom pom earrings in baby blue are a vintage-inspired nod to '90s chic. Perfect.

Green is my favourite colour, and there is nothing like a silky dress to accentuate the emerald shade. Motel Rocks has this vibrant, iridescent dress for just £40 in a silky, slip style, perfect when accessorising with chunky chains and cleated heels. For the ultimate in quirky make-up, Limecrime answers my prayers with their shade 'mint to be', loaded with pigment and long lasting, it really is my favourite beauty brand.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Little Box Review November 2014

Investing in monthly packages seems a real rite of passage for the modern day beauty/fashion blogger, and I found myself in a slight conundrum as to whether I really wanted to invest my money in one. After a long search, I found myself adhering to the stereotype and signing up for a 'My Little Box', a monthly bundle filled with lifestyle, fashion and beauty products all with a French feel.

The Little Box may be au contraire, but the products you receive are trés chic. After last months impressive collaboration with American fashion designer and former princess Diane Von Furstenberg, this month's theme was My Little Cosy Box, apt for the chilly change in weather.

A My Little World magazine is included in each box, filled with interviews, lifestyle and fashion inspiration, beauty tutorials as well as pull-out recipes (French in nature, of course).

I look forward to the cute postcard-sized quotes that are often included with a debonair illustration, this months was all about time, and making the most of it.

Getting me all set for winter was Tsumori Chisato's small heated cushion, perfect as a little warmth in bed, or to heat the hands after a chilly afternoon outdoors. 

Aptly labeled with the phrase 'All you need is coffee', a tiny box encasing an espresso cup surprised me this month, along with beauty essentials I had been craving. For an intense smokey eye, Yves Rocher's deep cappuccino brown encapsulated the winter eye look. My Little Beauty volume and care mascara was also included, which (I was excited to see) came with an extra thick brush as well as Arcancil Paris' black eyeliner with waterproof features, perfect for battling that winter wind and rain. 

With beautiful packaging, and that magical French feel I know and love, My Little Box will never disappoint. 

Visit My Little Box here

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Week One: 31 Nights of Horror

Seven days into my fright fest and you will be happy to know I am still alive! 

The Best of the Rest

The Loved Ones (2009) 

My ultimate dream is to find the perfect indie horror- a fusion of beautifully bloody cinematography, with a coming-of-age storyline- The Loved Ones came pretty close. An Australian movie that had me wanting to watch and wanting to switch off simultaneously, the story followed teenager Brent Mitchell as he struggles with the death of his father through self-harm. Whilst at school, his classmate Lola asks him to prom and after a polite refusal, she plots epic revenge torture. Sickenly wonderful on-the-edge-of-your-seat viewing, this is definitely a film I will be revisiting. 

Average Joes

You're Next (2011)

You're Next is fundamentally a bad horror film, but for many reasons I enjoyed it. It's storyline is mediocre- man tries to kill off his family in order to gain inheritance. His use of completely ridiculous Neanderthaloid men in animal masks made it all the less scary. Yet a huge twist in the ending, as well as the concept of invaders in the home chills the bones, and the Home Alone-inspired gadgets used to kill the assassins makes it all the more entertaining.  

V/H/S (2012)

Think Inception, but with mini horror stories and you have V/H/S. The movie tells a series of at times, rather confusing tales of demons (supernatural and human) who kill a number of people. After an hour of this formula I had to say I grew bored- a rule of thumb with horror- never be more than 90mins long. 

The Horrifyingly Bad

Tell (2012)

I'm always into trying low budget, or short horrors and I must admit I had high hopes which were immediately stabbed five minutes into the film. Forever waiting for the storyline to improve, I hoped for a glimmer of the supernatural bit was sorely disappointed. After having an argument with wife Jenny, Taylor picks up a hammer and beats his wife to deal- what follows is yawn-worthy, and definitely missable. 

Absentia (2011)

A movie poster scattered with film festival awards, I assumed there would be something special about Absentia. A woman whose husband goes missing for seven years, begins to dream about him days before she must declare him dead by absentia. In a ridiculous twist, an unexplained creature living in an underpass near their house has something to do with his disappearance/ reappearance. *Sigh*

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chanel Fronts Feminist Fashion for SS15

How many celebs need to join the feminist bandwagon before people start listening? 
A few more it seems... 

Photo credit: Lea Colombo (Dazed Digital)

After the welcome pleas of equality from English rose Emma Watson, who created the He for She campaign aimed at targeting men to support feminism, fashion juggernaut Karl Lagerfeld decided (very wisely) to use the Chanel catwalk as a soapbox for a display of equal rights during Paris Fashion Week. 

Photo credit: Vogue

Making history, Lagerfeld created a street protest on the runway, with his models holding signs such as 'Ladies First', 'Be Your Own Stylist' and 'History is Her Story' as well as 'He for She' in support of the equality campaign. 

Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevingne fronted the march armed with a megaphone as she exclaimed 'What do we want?' and 'When do we want it?' with her fellow models screaming 'NOW'. Other fellow femme supporters came in the form of Kendall Jenner, Edie Campbell, Joan Smalls, Edie Hadid and Georgia May Jagger. 

The collection itself was vibrancy personified, with excited, magnified florals in draped, oversized cuts. Outer prints clashed with spirited linings and models approached the runway in twos and threes as if out for brunch with friends. Classic tweed and tartan was made modern in two-pieces and the iconic double 'C' logo was subtly sprinkled among some of the pieces. 

The manly brogue was given a girly makeover with cut-outs , ankle straps and a gold theme with black caps.  

Photo credit: Lea Colombo (Dazed Digital)

Strong and striking, androgynous suits emanated the motif of a strong, independant woman as chic work attire became a fitting link with the feminist support of the show. 

Friday, 26 September 2014

31 Nights of Horror: Modern Greats

For the past couple of years I have found the perfect way to prolong the Halloween celebrations: just like a gory advent calendar, I will be leading up to the big night by watching 31 horror films for each day in October! This year I thought of making my selection from movies that were released over the last ten years, in the hope that I could find some modern greats, or maybe some massive stinkers. 

Here is my list below, and I will be reviewing them on my blog at the end of each week. I hope I survive! For anyone wanting to get involved, email or tweet me, would love for others to join in (if you dare!)

Day 1. V/H/S (2012)
Day 2. The Skin I Live In (2011)
Day 3. The Devil's Rock (2011) 
Day 4. Tell (2012)
Day 5.Occulus (2013)
Day 6.Absentia (2011)
Day 7.The Loved Ones (2009)
Day 8. Deadgirl (2008) 
Day 9. Dumplings (2004)
Day1 0.Thirst (2009)
Day 11. Dark Touch (2013)
Day 12.Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)
Day 13. Taxidermia (2006) 
Day 14.Inside (2007)
Day 15. Nurse 3-D (2013)
Day 16. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
Day 17. You're Next (2011)
Day 18. The Penny Dreadful picture Show (2013)
Day 19. Dream Home (2010)
Day 20. Victim (2010)
Day 21. Panzer Chocolate (2013)
Day 22. A Tale of Two Sisters (2013)
Day 23. Howl (2013)
Day 24. Pretty Dead (2013) 
Day 25. Last Kind Words (2012) 
Day 26. Requiem (2006)
Day 27. Alone (2007)
Day 28. Babycall (2011)
Day 29. Lights Out (2013) 
Day 30. Sick Nurses (2007)
Day 31. The Human Centipede (2009) 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fk Real Fur This Winter

Reminiscing over 90's fashion is one of my favourite things to do, but seeing elements of it creeping onto the high street excites me even more. From fluffy skirts, to cosy coats to quirky faux crops, the fur look is well and truly back and I'm loving it (fake that is). 

Why settle for one shade of faux fur when you can have two?! Grab this snug ivory and candy blossom coat from Unreal Fur. Team it with a matching fluffy pink clutch from Topshop, splash out on some purple Henry Holland earrings and complete the look in contrast with these cobalt ankle boots from My 1st Wish. Perfection.  

ASOS embraced the trend recently with this gorgeous candy pink bomber jacket that looks perfect with faded jeans and cleated heels. Motel Rocks went monochrome mad with this faux fur striped black and white blend coat with a high fashion collarless finish. 

For a more quirky look, head to Somewhere Nowhere, who pride themselves in their faux fur collection featuring super snug two pieces in oversized glory for a draped slice of coziness! 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Faux Pas Wishlist: Socially Questionable Items I Desperately Want


I know what you are thinking. Bizarre mouth bling that makes your teeth look unattractive or even grimey? You may have thought grillz were firmly placed in the mouths of hip hop moguls, but their recent appearances on the red carpet have left me yearning for some. Some small, silver, as subtle-as-you-can-yet grillz perhaps?! I don't know maybe I'm mad but they are certainly faux pas. 

Fashion Glasses

Remember when you went to school and always said to the speccy girl that you wish you had some cute frames like hers? No? Just me then. I love the way glasses (as well as sunglasses) work as an accessory and can really change your look. Tossing aside the ghastly 'geek' trend and opting for a cat-eye frame, fashion glasses could definitely be a thing and if they are, I'm totally behind it.

Faux Septum Rings

My logic for faux piercing jewellery is pretty simple- its painless and in no way permanent. Before I decided to get any cartilage pierced, I purchased a number of ear cuffs and after loving the look I got several piercings. Wimpy Mc Wimperson over here was very much anticipating the pain of a septum ring incertion so a faux ring seemed like a much better option. Intricate and comfortable enough to wear all day, they are a sure fire way to change a look without permanently changing your face. 

Gold Henna
I adore henna, as a fickle person who has never really been into the idea of tattoos, it's been a go-to material to decorate my skin. Injecting a hint of metallic into a henna look is super fun and with likes of Beyonce covering herself in the stuff while she basks in the sun, who wouldn't want to wear it?! 

Do you have a faux pas wishlist? 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Feminist Fashion

Feminism /fɛmɪnɪz(ə)m/

Definition: the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. 

The basic idea that surrounds feminism is simple- that women are to be treated as intellectual and social equals to men. Whether you love or hate the word, no-one can deny the idea of feminism is logical and contrary to belief, it can be on-trend. 

For anyone wanting to bust out their inner feminist, I found some rather tongue-in-cheek pieces that send a subtle message of girl power so forget bra-burning and man-hating, it's all a myth- feminism is here and it's super chic. 

Mermaid Cushion // Picture in frame // Feminist Necklace // No More Page Three Canvas bag// Fries before Guys sweatshirt 

For anyone who loves a good quote, Etsy's dothandmade from Toronto provides a digital art visual for your femme-tastic home. Combining two of my favourite things, Look Human have a wonderful Mermaids for Equality cushion that prove you can be a glamorous sea nymph AND be feminist. 

No More Page Three is a cause close to my heart and just as the name suggests, it's a campaign against newspaper The Sun, hoping to prevent topless women from being on the front of the tabloid. If you aren't prepared to wear the bold lettering on a tee, why not opt for their chic illustrated tote bag, perfect for campaigning flyers, or perhaps just your purse. 

Nothing says feminism more than a statement necklace with the word in bold. Sugar and Vice Designs have an engraved pendant and the best part is that 25% of the money goes to charity Rape Crisis. For those who fancy a laugh, encapsulate the ever-growing harajuku trend with a cheeky 'fries before guys' sweatshirt. Not so much feminist, but it sure makes me hungry. 

Friday, 29 August 2014

Micro-Trend this Autumn: Occult Chic

So let's get this straight. I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

So when I discovered the vampiric micro-trend coming this autumn, I got a little too excited looking for pieces I could buy. In all honesty, I am a little cray for the gothic side of fashion, but without the courage to ink my skin or dye my hair black, I have to settle for haunting accessories. Whether it's faux pas fangs or fake taxidermy, ditch those yawn-worthy pastels and embrace the occult sub-trend.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Favourite Online Stores at the Moment

There's a whole world of choice out there and thanks to the internet, you can pretty much buy anything you want from any country! For me, it is all about finding small stores or individuals who make unique pieces, items that were previously out of reach on the high street. Instagram has been the main channel that helped me find these stores, but a lot of them I found through Googling. It's definitely worth searching around if you are looking for something specific as you could support smaller designers and labels! 


O Mighty
My favourite online clothing site of all time, O Mighty helps feed my '90s obsession. Their cheeky store is based in Singapore and often bases its print on current pop culture trends. From Justin Bieber mug shot socks, to Clueless sweatpants, Kim Kardashian cry-face phone cases to chicken nugget print skirts, everything is totally hilarious and totally worth the money. Celeb customers range from Miley Cyrus, Azealia Banks, Hayley Williams and Justine Skye. 

Jade Clark 
An individual that I found through Instagram, I fell in love with Jade Clark's '90s inspired pieces, mixed with a 21st Century edge. Her pieces have a wonderful delicate appearance and are dominated by feathers and holograms. 

Somewhere Nowhere
Somewhere Nowhere is a place I go when I'm in the money, or when there is a sale. Previously I detested the thought of wearing fluffy jumpers but this label has changed my mind completely. Mixing faux fur with sheer panelling, this brand is not for the shy and retiring! 

Cleated heels are to me, the must have wardrobe accessory and I spent a good month going between these two sites trying to decide which pair of shoes I wanted. 

My 1st Wish
With an array of flats, boots, heels, sandals and wedges, there is a little too much choice at My 1st Wish. I love unusual pieces but for those looking for neutral shades they have nude/white pieces available. 

La Moda 
For me La Moda always seems to answer my cries for fashion help. Their cleated heels are superb - I ordered Harper in nude and was thoroughly impressed with a quick delivery and such stunning shoes! Their range of accessories is equally inspiring and I am so excited they teamed with Vida Kush to bring faux septum rings to the UK. Call me sad but I would rather try out a faux ring than get someone to stick a needle in my nose!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Disappointment of the Month: Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner

I have always favoured liquid eyeliner as oppose to pencil but I often find it hard to get a flexible tip that I can use to create the cat eye I want. With this months Glamour magazine came Eyeko's liquid eyeliner, worth £12. Initially excited at trying out a new product for my eyes, I tested it out on my hand. 

With a felt tip-like end, the skinny nib ended up producing an impressively dark line on my hand. Despite my initial excitement however, the product disappointed when it came to applying it to my eyes. Lines were faded, it was hard to apply an even, thick coat and the brush kept running dry. All in all I was extremely disappointed and after leaving it on for a few hours, I even got small lines within the creases of my eyelids- very unflattering! 

For those looking for a more precise tip, I use liner that contains a thin brush, that way the look can be varied easily. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Hair Dye Review: Blullini by Bleach London

I'm a big believer in experimenting with hair colour but just like a lot of people, I'm really not willing to commit to one colour, just in case I get bored or learn to hate it. Semi-permanent dye gives me the option to explore different shades without the worry that the look is here to stay. Having used Crazy Colour and Directions previously, I found BLEACH London products to be amongst my favourites. 

I purchased the blue/green shade Blullini, with the hopes that once faded, it would give me a nice minty pastel colour for my hair. BLEACH products come in a sizeable bottle and often contain enough for 2/3 applications (my hair is mid-length), although if you are looking for a particularly bright, intense colour experience I would attempt to use as much of the product as possible in one sitting. 

Instructions on the bottle say to leave on for 15 minutes, I left mine on for 20-25 and achieved a fabulous bright blue shade that I loved. For a pastel shade add a minimum amount to your hair and leave in for 5-7 minutes. Be aware that when using on a yellow/blonde shade, the colour may appear more green, which could be disappointing. After one week of washing, I still have a majority of the colour in, and have not achieved pastel just yet. 

I highly recommend the product for anyone looking for true colour stay, and for those who don't mind some slight fade. This is what my hair looked like just after applying the colour: 

This is what my hair looked like a week later : 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me, I have used quite a few of their colours as well as other dyes and can recommend many! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Versace at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2014

Paris fashion week has come to an end *sad face* but what better way to get excited for autumn than to take a look back at some runway favourites. The first day kicked off with Atelier Versace's Fall/Winter 2014-15 show and the mystical midnight blues and purples looked ultra rich on the runway. 

Fringing can often be unattractive but I fell in love with Versace's approach. The midnight blue jacket with a half-crotchet look was elegant yet grungy with matching suede peep-toe boots. 

The fur pieces had a certain exotic bird quality to them, with varying lengths teamed with semi-sheer sectioned tops and cigarette trousers. 

Glitter and leather- who would have thought this combination could work together in such harmony. A metallic leotard made way for a leather bralet strapped on with a stunning matching train- a red carpet look I hope to see very soon. 

Thursday, 3 July 2014


I'm ridiculously excited to complete the 5 day lipstick challenge I saw on blogger Allie May Redmond's page a little while back. I'm a huge fan of rouge, but other than nights out I can be a little afraid to reach for the lippy as I have extremely bright colours. 

From Left to Right: Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer in Nude Eclipse// No7 Stay Perfect in Grace// Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in 380 Dark Night// Barry M  Matte Lipstick in 54 Coral // Saffron in 25 Blue 

I don't have particularly expensive taste when it comes to lipstick, however I do find of all of the lipsticks, it's No7's Stay Perfect that usually wins when it comes to lasting colour and layering. I will be reviewing each product on their texture, longevity, appearance and colour.  

Day One: Barry M
Day Two: Saffron
Day Three: Rimmel Moisture
Day Four: No.7
Day Five: Rimmel Apocalips

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How to Rip and Score Your Jeans

Pinterest is often a place I look for inspiration, at the same time as trying not to become depressed with the hoards of skinny bodies I would LOVE to emulate. Summer fashion boards led me to grow a love for ripped or scored jeans, they look amazing with your favourite pair of stilettos and a giant clutch, or dresses down with some ballet pumps and a strappy top. 

How to Score Your Jeans 

1. Start by wearing your jeans and marking out the parts you want to be ripped.
2. Make two horizontal cuts which mark the bottom and the top of the rip
3. pull threads downwards one by one at the bottom of your second rip and you should begin to see a scoring pattern
4. Once all the threads are pulled you should end up with a number of white horizontal threads. Repeat in other areas of your jeans if desired. 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Beautiful Bodysuits

No faux pas wardrobe is complete without a snazzy bodysuit, and whether you are opting for sultry evening wear, or looking for a top to wear with jeans, bodysuits are the way forward.  

Celeb inspiration comes from the wonderful Katy Perry, who wore a candy themed bodysuit complete with multicoloured swirls around the bust- eye-catching! Kate Moss went racy in a nude bodysuit with embellishments covering her assets, and a white ring-leader blazer for a (slightly) more conservative look.Leigh-Anne Pinnock of Little Mix grunged her sheer panelled bodysuit with leather-look hotpants, a chunky chain and a striking red bomber jacket. Jennifer Lawrence kept it classy with a fabulous slate sheer gown with a plain black sleeveless bodysuit. 

Bodysuits provide a sexy, fitted alternative to an evening top, the quirkier the better! 

From Left to right: ASOS// Missguided//Black Milk

My  Poison Ivy bodysuit is from aliexpress, the t-shirt version can be found at Black Milk for $60 AUD.