Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Disappointment of the Month: Eyeko Liquid Eyeliner

I have always favoured liquid eyeliner as oppose to pencil but I often find it hard to get a flexible tip that I can use to create the cat eye I want. With this months Glamour magazine came Eyeko's liquid eyeliner, worth £12. Initially excited at trying out a new product for my eyes, I tested it out on my hand. 

With a felt tip-like end, the skinny nib ended up producing an impressively dark line on my hand. Despite my initial excitement however, the product disappointed when it came to applying it to my eyes. Lines were faded, it was hard to apply an even, thick coat and the brush kept running dry. All in all I was extremely disappointed and after leaving it on for a few hours, I even got small lines within the creases of my eyelids- very unflattering! 

For those looking for a more precise tip, I use liner that contains a thin brush, that way the look can be varied easily.