Friday, 30 May 2014

I'm Obsessed with... House of Holland Nails

It's official: false/stick on nails are my everything. 

Why bother growing out your nails when you can bite them down in a frenzy and stick over ready-made, pristine ones to cover up the horror that is your beauty regime?! I'm just kidding. 

But seriously, why fork out a fortune on acrylics when you can purchase unique and comfortably fitting nails for a lot cheaper? House of Holland have the most exquisite range at the moment and definitely fulfil my faux pas needs. 

My three favourite ranges are Geek Chic, Tweed and Sweet Tooth, all of which were at the fabulous price of £8.00-£9.00 on the official site

Compared with the heavily advertised Elegant Touch Express nails that contain what is fundamentally double-sided tape, the House of Holland nails have staying power when combined with a standard nail glue.

Look at those disgusting hands..

I use nailene ultra quick glue and have found my nails often last two weeks or more! With the amount of typing I do though, I do often get tired of the tinkling noise it makes... so if you are looking for pretty over practicality, House of Holland is your best option!