Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Ryan Gosling Tee (and other Celebrity-themed T-shirts)

There really is nothing better than having your favourite celeb's face on your tee, and I have a little too many. From Amy Winehouse, to Nicki Minaj, to Will Ferrell, I do love a famous mug. 

Most recently I picked up the most fabulous Ryan Gosling t-shirt in a wonderfully teenage collage style- Primarni at it's best. 

Not a fan of R-Goz? No fear, for here are a selection of my favourite celeb tees, Feast your eyes! 

From Left to right: Disturbia // Deer Dana // We Hustle // O Mighty // Black Milk Clothing

You don't have to practice a creepy stare with Disturbia's Jack tee- wear this baby and freak everyone out. Designer Deer Dana has created an abundance of cute cartoon portraits of celebs, they are the perfect accompaniment to some comfy jeans. With the wedding of Kim and Kanye upon us, why not celebrate with a breasty image of the Kardashian with the word Yeezus preserving her dignity- thanks so much We Hustle. 

What's better than one Bey? why multiple Bey's of course! The Queen B's face layered on a crop top and teamed with the pencil skirt will make almost all members of her crazed fan following super green with envy- go on, you know you want it. 

Steve Buscemi might be ugly, but we love him and his lazy eye. Stick a girl in a dress with his face on and voilá, she looks instantly cool. Courtesy of Black Milk Clothing, you can look that rad too.